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This reality places no value on being different.

In fact, “being different” is something that often causes us to be impelled with judgement and criticism.

There are people who will say, “We want you to be you” … but what they are really saying is “Be you within my confines of comfort.” The moment you being you goes beyond their confines this makes them uncomfortable, and they don’t know how to handle that, which usually results in them making you wrong to prove their rightness.

Most of us have spent our entire lives trying to be what others think we should be, what we’ve decided is the good and right way to be according to this reality. Many of us have spent a lifetime diminishing who we truly be so as not to be “too much” so we don’t make anyone uncomfortable.

  • What if you being you is the greatest gift to this world and our future?

  • Would you be willing to make others uncomfortable if it meant that you get to have more of you and the potency you truly BE?