When: Wednesday nights for 6 weeks starting January 26th, 6:30 - 8 pm MST (your time HERE)

Where: ZOOM. There will also be a  private Facebook group for engagement and contribution in between calls.

Investment in you: $75

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How much do you slow yourself down, self-sabotage, and stop yourself completely with fear, guilt, shame, and more? What if this is a choice we make to distract us from being the greatness we truly BE?

Join me for a 6-week exploration into the distractor implants, what they are, how to recognize them, and how to get out of the paralyzation and self-defeating patterns they create.

Have you been asking for the greatness of your life? LET’S GO! Now is the time to BE the Dragon of your Life!

*This call series will be based on "Living Beyond Distraction" by Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer. You can purchase through Amazon or the Access shop.

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