15 minutes - $137.50 USD
30 minutes - $275 USD
60 minutes - $550 USD

Entity is one of those words that brings up some very interesting things for many people. There are a lot of interesting points of view about what entities are, as well as those who communicate with them.

Being raised by a Southern Baptist minister, entity awareness was not something that was encouraged or taught. In fact, it was evil and anyone who talked to entities was also evil and worked with the devil. All very interesting points of view, and none of which is true.

Nevertheless, I spent many years suppressing and trying to avoid my entity awareness, which created a ton of anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation. When I finally chose to go to a Talk to the Entities® Beginner Class, it changed my entire life.

Once I started using the tools of Access Consciousness® and Talk to the Entities®, I could finally go to the grocery store without having a panic attack and I never had another suicidal thought ever again.

In fact, I work with entities daily now and even co-create in this world with them. They contribute to me regularly and I to them. There is no separation between the physical world and the spirit world to me. It is all one. Separation is the root of all pain and suffering…in my interesting point of view.

  • How much of your pain and suffering is a result of you avoiding your entity awareness?

  • How much more ease could you have if you were willing to acknowledge your entity awareness and contribute to the entity’s regularly?