Beyond Distractions Being the Dragon of your life in 2022

6-week series begins January 26th

How much do you slow yourself down, self-sabotage, and stop yourself completely with fear, guilt, shame, and more? What if this is a choice we make to distract us from being the greatness we truly BE?

Now is the time to BE the Dragon of your Life!

$75.00 USD


Going Beyond the Matrix A Being You Adventure Online

January 29th & 30th

Do you ever get so bored with this reality you could die? Ever feel like you are on autopilot or a hamster wheel doing the same thing day in and day out?

What if you could wake up every day with a wild enthusiasm for being alive? 

$475.00 USD


Out with the old, in with YOU in 2022

January 31st

What is still lingering from 2021 that we can clear together and launch into the greatness of YOU in 2022?

$37.00 USD 


Talk To The Entities Intro & Beginning - Windsor, CO

February 4th - 6th

What entity awareness have you been refusing?

How much more ease could you have if you were willing to acknowledge and work with your entity awareness?

$1,375.00 USD (repeat pricing available)