Access X-Men® 

Access X-Men® is a term that Access Consciousness® has given people who have been labeled with autism, OCD, ADD, and ADHD. It's also important to note, many X-Men have never been officially diagnosed and have brilliantly learned to cope and fit into this  


Entity is one of those words that brings up some very interesting things for many people. There are a lot of interesting points of view about what entities are, as well as those who communicate with them. Being raised by a Southern Baptist minister, entity awareness was not something that was encouraged or taught. In fact, it was >


Relationships are so last century. Creationships are way more fun. We are never really taught how to be in creationship with ourselves or others. Mostly what we do is mimic what we’ve seen in others, seen on TV, or read about in books. Occasionally, in the attempt to never >


Having worked for large corporations as well as having been self-employed for the past 17 years, I’ve gone through tons of training on maximizing production, how to hit goals, time management and more. I used to make me wrong when the training models I was given didn’t work for me. How many times have you >  

Being You

This reality places no value on being different. In fact, “being different” is something that often causes us to be impelled with judgment and criticism. There are people who will say, “We want you to be you” … but what they are really saying is “Be you within my confines of comfort.” The moment you being you goes beyond their >