15 minutes - $137.50 USD
30 minutes - $275 USD
60 minutes - $550 USD

Access X-Men is a term that Access Consciousness® has given people who have been labeled with autism, OCD, ADD, and ADHD. It's also important to note, many X-Men have never been officially diagnosed and have brilliantly learned to cope and fit into this reality.

There were many things I had decided were bad and wrong about me because of how different I am according to this reality. It wasn’t until I took my first X-Men class that I could acknowledge that every place I had made me wrong was actually a capacity I had been refusing. X-Men see the world in a very different way and therefore function very differently in it. If you are an X-Men trying to function in this world the way others do, it will be a painful existence.

X-Men have a heightened sense of awareness and if we are refusing that awareness it can present in the body in very interesting ways. The X-Men tools have given me so much more ease in my body and in this world.

Rather than using my capacities against myself, and wanting to die, I am now turning them up and thriving.

  • What if these aren't disabilities, but rather, abilities that you can learn to use to your advantage?

  • What if symptoms of insanity, paranoid schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder can be easily changed?

  • What if everywhere you've decided is a wrongness with you is a strongness?

"X-Men generation are a mutation of the species into an advanced form.” ~Gary Douglas